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Mount Robotics provides cutting edge, bespoke robotic solutions for manufacturing processes with guaranteed gains in productivity, repeatability and reliability that only a robotic solution can offer.

A range of services are available to support customer needs ensuring what may seem a daunting task, automating Production or Quality Inspection, becomes a well organised, defined and professionally delivered solution.


Mount Robotics specialises in designing and delivering bespoke automated solutions. Achieving growth and efficiency gains are the lifeblood of modern manufacturing businesses. Introducing or expanding automation throughout the manufacturing process is a proven, and more than ever achievable, route to succeeding in these aims.


Mount Robotics and one of our Group Companies Pro-Sight Vision work in harmony to provide a Single Sourced Solution for cutting edge and reliable vision-based applications be that in identifying parts to allow automation or in the Quality Inspection of those parts. Inspection processes can be fully automated ensuring consistent and accurate data is provided without exception, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cobots (Collaborative Robots)

Collaborative robots are different from conventional robots because they work hand in hand with operators. These “Cobots” work alongside humans without the need for guards. This means that mundane tasks, like palletising and packaging can be automated easily.

What We Offer

Automation Review

Our Industry Experts will evaluate your current workflow to establish the best options available for improvements in efficiency, safety and quality to provide a tangible return on investment.

Project Management

Our experienced team will create a strategic blueprint for the design, programming, integration and installation of the agreed solution to time and budget.

Bespoke Solutions

Choosing the right equipment and accessories is essential to success. Designs take into account everything from safety to working environments and available footprint ensuring the best possible integration of the automated solution into your existing workflow and infrastructure.


Included in the bespoke package as standard is system training in the operation of the automated solutions. Detailed Engineer level training and refresher training is always available as is support and guidance to ensure a long term partnership of benefit and trust.

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Engineering Excellence — Increasing Efficiency


Robots perform their tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They never have a day off.


Robots do precisely the same task day after day, shift after shift. No loss of concentration.


With the highest levels of manufacturing quality robots are built to operate without maintenance for many years.



Save time, money and the risk of injury to your workforce by installing an end of line pallitising robot. We can provide a bespoke solution to take your product from the end of your production line to any standard or euro pallet in any packaging specification.

Manual Handling

Either “Cobots” (for weights up to 16kg) or traditional robots for heavier items can take the heavy lifting and repetitiveness away from common tasks which can frequently cause musculoskeletal injuries.

Pick and Pack

With “Cobots” case packing is simple to install. Built in safety means there is no need for guarding whilst working side by side with humans. The use of “Cobots” opens up endless possibilities to automate in areas where historically, it would have been impossible to do so.

Quality Control

By adding vision inspection cameras to a robot arm the accuracy and reliability of quality control procedures can be greatly improved.

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